About the Book

Master the Talent of Creating Innovative Solutions in a World of Problems

How do great leaders solve problems differently from the rest of us?

The key to solving our most challenging problems is creating breakthrough, purposeful solutions. In Extraordinary Breakthrough Thinking you will learn the seven steps consistently used by those who solve problems most creatively.

By taking an analytical approach, Nadler and Hibino discovered that there is a specific method used to successfully make decisions that is both teachable and duplicable. This program is now presented to you in this volume.

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What kinds of breakthroughs do you want?

…In your life

  • Career path
  • Kitchen Layout
  • Child needing help with learning

…In your organization

  • Innovation
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Strategic planning
  • Conflict management
  • Management systems design
  • Organizational learning
  • Business strategy development

…In your job

  • Setting up a meeting
  • Arranging a filing
  • Preparing correspondence
  • Developing a leadership mindset

…In your community

  • Running a homeowners assocation
  • Setting up a tennis tournament
  • Getting a stop light at busy intersection